The journey matters... Let me tell you why...


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In 2011 I graduated with a BS in Nutrition and Health Sciences. All my teachers told me to start working in a clinic or a hospital, but that didn’t sound like me... I wanted to encourage people to eat healthy food!


Problem - healthy food in the eyes of Nutrition is brown rice, steamed broccoli, and baked chicken... sounded boring and unsustainable to me! How was I supposed to get people to eat that all the time?? BORRRING! 


So off I went to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in beautiful Napa Valley for a year. My goal learn how to cook everything so I could make healthy food taste good! Freaking LOVED IT! I was on the top of the world and learning dozens of new skills by the day. But what next?


2013 - I moved to SF an amazing food city famous for its restaurants, chefs, and farmers markets. I worked in restaurants for four years learning as much as I could while climbing the career ladder.


2015 - I was hired as the Sous Chef to open a new restaurant in SF for an excellent restaurant group! Opening a restaurant is something you have to experience to understand. It’s a wild ride of stress, hard work, long hours, massive responsibility, and sweat.


2016- I knew something was missing... I wasn’t doing anything with Nutrition, I wasn’t helping anyone get healthier, I wasn’t even taking good care of myself. Garrett & I decided to move from SF to ATX.


2017 - I was working Mon - Fri cooking vegan food in the morning and doing nutrition in the afternoons at Apple! Life started to feel right. 

I enrolled @nutritionschool to get my Health Coaching certification and EVERYTHING changed!

I learned how to take all my knowledge of Nutrition, Cooking, & Health Coaching and share it with people! I started to make the difference- the impact -that I had always dreamed of! 


Today -

I have a full time job in Nutrition at the top Leading Tech Company (Apple)

I have a thriving heath coaching business (@radiantandabundant ) working one-on-one with clients to reach their health goals and getting amazing results!

....and NOW I am about to launch my first LIVE ONLINE COURSE!!

I have been working so hard to compile all my tips, tricks, and tools (that actually work!) for you!

I believe that diets don't work because they are too restrictive, they don't allow for LIFE to happen! You know, like birthdays, holidays, traveling, or even getting sick!

I can't tell you how many people fall off the wagon because someone came to visit or life got crazy! I totally understand that! I'm so excited to share my secrets to eating without depriving yourself of your favorites!

I have created an awesome 1 hour LIVE Masterclass to share my secrets with you!

Keep an eye on your email next week... for EXCLUSIVE details from me about: 

How to Eat Healthy in a Hurry

- like a Chef and Nutritionist - 

without Meal Prep or Counting Calories!


It is going to be AMAZING!! Details coming soon!

If this sounds exciting to you... (or you want a bunch of free information!)

E-MAIL ME at: I'll add you to the VIP list!


So excited! Busting at the seems over here!

Love & Gratitude,