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Vegan Fudgesicle

Vegan Fudgesicle


I'm obsessed with this recipe!

It is very similar to the vegan cacao avocado ice cream I like to make, but the chocolate coating makes them even better!

Reasons why I'm OBSESSED:

Simply said, it is indulgent without the guilt. No dairy means no digestive upset, no refined sugar, no processed crap, tons of vitamins and minerals, and full of superfoods!

This recipe helps - burn fat, keep you full, boosts brain and heart health, improves gut health and supports your digestion, also helps with inflammation and joint pain.

Cacao - (cacao powder and cacao nibs) is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that positively impact your brain and heart health, it helps your body make the most out of other vitamins and minerals, and it boosts your feel good hormones! Here is my favorite brand: