Vulnerability post - my story.

Why I created RADIANT & ABUNDANT...

For years I didn’t feel like I was enough. I felt I always missing that ‘it’ factor. 
I felt I wasn’t worthy of great love, making more money, getting the job I wanted, or capable doing soulful work. Even though I wanted all these things so deeply, there was a part of me that said I wasn’t enough. It wasn’t meant for me. That was for other people... 


I felt I wasn’t:

special enough, 
lucky enough, 
connected enough, 
smart enough,
pretty enough,
________ enough.

So for years I worked hard to reach my dreams, but constantly sabotaged myself. No matter the work I was doing... my thoughts were holding me back.  Because of these thoughts I was never going to be enough and wasn’t going to ever reach my dreams.

I was in my own way.

Then in 2012 a great change started happened. A transformation. I looked inward, did some soul searching, and stopped making so many excuses. I spoke up and asked for what I wanted. I pushed myself to new levels. I began to dream big and take steps toward my dreams. Little by little I started doing things that were aligned with my truth, with my authentic self, my passions.


By being true to myself I found a new place of peace, a sense of calm, and confirmation that I was on the right path. I learned what made me really happy and implemented more of those things in my life. I gave up toxic thoughts, habits, conversations, and 'friends'. I surrounded myself with people that inspired, encouraged, and supported me. I found true soul tingling joy, I founded my practice of self care, I learned about love and vulnerability, I discovered my strengths and skills, I learned about worthiness. 

I surprised myself when the Law of Attraction started to shine its magic into my life. The proof was there and it was staring me right in the face. I switched my limiting beliefs to positive thoughts of abundance ... I am worthy, I am enough.

It has been a journey, an adventure, the last six years changing my thoughts, actions, habits, and mindset for the better. It wasn't easy and I'm not perfect. But when I started to really believe that I was capable of so much more than I was giving myself credit for. 

This switch was from a place of LACK to a place of abundance. I am ABUNDANT.  I want to share my story and help others make this transformation too. I have made it my goal to work with as many men and women as I can on this transformation.

This is why I created RADIANT & ABUNDANT because I know that there are men and women out there that have similar thoughts. They think they are NOT enough. But they are enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I am here to educate, inspire, and empower people to change their thoughts, habits, and lifestyles to live a RADIANT & ABUNDANT life!  A life that radiates joy, purpose, passion, love, knowledge, and peace. A life that is abundant in health, happiness, wealth, and love. 


Now I ASK A FAVOR from you, for me to share knowledge and experience with the world I need to get in front of as many people as I can. Talk about health and wellness. Talk about worthiness. Talk about your dreams. Talk about your strengths. Talk about how you can make one change in your life for the better.

Share my story. Share my blog with a friend that my story could help.