Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without


Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

Bowls -

Wooden spoon trio -

Kuhn Rikon Peeler -

Benriner Mandoline Slicer -

Microplane - (cirtus, garlic, ginger, hard cheese)

Cut Resistant Gloves - (for using the mandoline, cutting avocados, squash, or cleaning blades)

Latex Gloves - (keep a box in my kitchen at all times for mixes food)

Large pot + pasta and steamer baskets -

Large saute pan (bonus this one has a lid) -

Best Non-stick pans -

Best Egg Pan (used in restaurants) -

Wooden cutting board -

Sharp chef’s knife -

Industrial baking pans -

Worth the investment:

Shun Knife -

Vitamix blender -

Rice Cooker -

Instapot -

Kitchen Aid mixer -

Multi pan set -