Here is your Intention for the week!

As a member of the Radiant & Abundant Community, I am committed to serving you on your wellness journey in as many ways as I can! Use these intentions each week to help you find focus on your wellness and kickstart your week with a driven and motivated mindset. 

Begin each week in a positive way.

This week's intention is to help you and your budget. We are getting blasted with advertising, emails, obligations, and societal pressures to spend spend spend this month… but I want you to pause for a minute! I want you to look at the things you have put on your Wish List, and the things that you have purchased for other people or plan on purchasing for other people… how much use are they really going to get out of it? Is there a serious need for the item?

Look around your house… what all do you already have? This week I want you to focus on that! I want you to focus on all the things you already own and might not be using. We go into December with a buy buy buy mentality… then in January we get a purge purge purge mentality.

So how about this week you look around and see what you aren’t using - it could be a book, a kitchen appliance, some nice clothes, candles, or even electronics.

This week think of ways to either start using it, gift it to someone of your list, or donate it. This way we can reuse, repurpose, and recycle items this holiday season. For example, Garrett and I both have old iphones that we plan to resell - we aren’t using them and rather than letting them collect dust… we are going to sell them for someone else to use. Same goes for old jeans… we both have a pair we aren’t wearing any more… Madewell will recycle your old jeans and give you a discount on a new pair. Then books - how many books do you own that you have read more than twice? For me, very few! So this holiday season I am sharing my books with friends and family. Letting them pick from a stack to borrow or have. This is still giving!

The last thing I want is for these weekly intentions to get lost in your inbox.

To help prevent that, I have made downloadable PDFs of each intention for you!

Save them to your desktop.
Put them on your phone.
Add them to your journal or planner.
Tape them to your bathroom mirror or your front door.

Put them somewhere you will see them frequently throughout the week this will make it easier for you to keep this weeks intention in mind.


I would love to hear about your experience with intentions or even better some intentions you have set for yourself! 

I want to continue to serve you in the best way possible, please let me know how else I can help you achieve your goals!

Have a wonderful week!

Love & Gratitude,


“By giving people the power to share, we're making the world more transparent.” ― Mark Zuckerberg